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New releases, holiday specials, and more...

Philville Records Fans: I hope all of you are safe and have as many things to give thanks for as I do here in November of 2020. I'm still upright, still healthy, still able to record and release music despite not being able to tour, and though we're heading into a dark winter, it seems like there is an end to the pandemic in sight. I sincerely wish you the best, and thank you again for supporting the arts and artists in these challenging times. In news to hopefully help brighten your day, there are four brand new releases from Philville Records that are now available to purchase!

First up is a brand new Philville studio single, "Mountain Wife," by Hannah Jobus. This is one of the first songs Hannah ever wrote, and it's an excellent vehicle to debut both her singing and songwriting talents--be sure to give it a listen. She's one of the best upcoming singer/songwriters Philville Records has ever worked with. The track was recorded in real time at Philville Studios West in Ventura, CA. , and was co-produced by Matthew R. Sayles and Hannah Jobus. Backing Hannah on the track are Matthew R. Sayles on rhythm electric guitar, Bill Flores on pedal steel, Matt Cadenelli on drums, and Terry Luna on Bass.

The second up is another new Philville studio single demo release from Matt Cadenelli, A Long Way Away. This song was recorded at Philville Records West in Ventura, California in early 2019, and inspired the track that ended up on Wanderlodge's album, Cypress Mountain Drive (released in 2020). (Here's a review of that fantastic new LP in Glide Magazine).

A Long Way Away features Cadenelli on vocals and guitar, as well as Rick Clemens on Bass, Bill Flores on Dobro, and Matthew R. Sayles on accordion. Cadenelli has recorded with members of the Decemberists, and a long list of other incredibly talented musicians from the Portland, Oregon music scene--check out his bio on his new artist page at Philville Records.

Live in Munising is a recently unearthed time capsule from Marquette, Michigan's Frostbitten Grass, and is first in the new "Bootlegs and Blackmail" limited edition (online only) seasonal releases from Philville Records. Live in Munising was recorded by a patron of the Falling Rock Cafe and -- for you whipper snappers our there—this was back in the ancient times before smart phones were ubiquitous, so live show recordings (outside of sound board recordings) were still pretty rare in the U.P. This bootleg needed to be cleaned up a bunch—it was originally recorded at very low volume with some rumble and buzz in the room, but thanks to compression, EQ, and hum cancelling effects, our engineer (Fraulein Kitzenbauer) was able to clean it up to 70's era cassette tape bootleg standards, and capture a single-mic all acoustic audience perspective performance of FBG from the winter of 2004. It's a really fun memory and performance--and for those deadheads and collectors of bootlegs, I think you'll dig the esthetic.

Live From The Maverick by the Detroit Sportsmen's Congress, rounds out the trio of new releases, recorded at the legendary Maverick Saloon, in Santa Ynez California in May of 2019. This live album features Bill Flores on pedal steel, Blair Harper on drums, Terry Luna on bass, Ben Saunders on keyboard and accordion, Jay Carlander and Barney Tower on lead guitar, and Matthew R. Sayles on vocals and rhythm/lead guitar. The Maverick Saloon is one of the last true California Honky Tonks, and I think the feeling of that old barroom comes twanging through in the recording.

To say THANK YOU to all our fans, starting on Friday, November 27th through the end of the year Add the code: philville15at the Philville Records Website Merchandise Shop to save 15% on ALL purchases

I really hope you'll give these a listen and consider supporting a sole-proprietorship business here in these crazy times--but I know everyone is likely pretty tight right now. If you still have the means to support independent artists, the Philville Records Merchandise shop is still up and running, and there are several new items--like a Philville Records embroidered knit hat--as well as some discounted items, and limited release vinyl, posters, and CD's. Any purchases help --so thanks so much for any support.

Lastly, you can always keep up with what's happening here at the Philville Records News page, and if you're not following us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), you can subscribe to our Youtube Channel to keep up with the Fireside Sessions I've started recording since the pandemic hit this past spring.

Please be safe, have a good holiday season, and let's look forward to some LIVE MUSIC on the other side of this in 2021!

Matthew R. Sayles

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