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Hannah Jobus

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Hannah Jobus owns a voice that slices through rowdy barrooms, and reverberates with a soul far older than her years. Born in the Midwest and raised in Texas, she started writing songs and singing in her teens, and traveled around the country for much of her youth until settling for a stretch in the orange groves of Ojai, California.


The Ojai Valley has long been a refuge of artists, mystics and eccentrics--and it's clear Hannah's songwriting was impacted by the dusty chaparral echoes of the Laurel Canyon scene that still haunt these parts of southern California. After a short time living and playing music in L.A., Hannah decided to take her unique fusion of roots music, Motown soul, and alt. country, to Nashville, Tennessee in mid 2019. After the pandemic hit in 2020, Hannah returned to the Ventura/Ojai region of California, and is back to writing new music in lieu of performing shows.

Hannah's voice has been compared to Gillian Welch, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, and Emmylou Harris, but her singing doesn't attempt to mimic these powerful vocalists--it just simply sounds at home among them.


With a deep catalog of originals that bounce from emotive rootsy folk songs, to bluesy country grooves, Hannah has mined into a vein of American pop music's origins, and her songs have a strength of presence that holds your attention--no easy accomplishment in our current world of distraction and disillusionment. 

Her debut single on Philville Records, Mountain Wife, is one of the first songs she wrote, and it's an excellent vehicle to debut both her singing and songwriting talents. The track was recorded in real time at Philville Studios West in Ventura, CA. , and was co-produced by Matthew R. Sayles and Hannah Jobus. Backing Hannah on the track are Matthew R. Sayles on rhythm electric guitar, Bill Flores on pedal steel, Matt Cadenelli on drums, and Terry Luna on Bass.


Photo:  Jenna Smith

Photo: Jenna Smith


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