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Matt Cadenelli

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First in a series of Philville Studio Singles, A Long Way Away was tracked at Philville Records West in Ventura, California in early 2019. This studio demo inspired the track that ended up on Wanderlodge's album, Cypress Mountain Drive (released in October of 2020). The track features Philville Record's long time friend and collaborator, Matt Cadenelli on vocals and guitar, as well as Rick Clemens on Bass, Bill Flores on Dobro, and Matthew R. Sayles on accordion.

Cadenelli came of age on the Jersey Shore, steeped in Springsteen, The Smithereens, and the artistic inspiration of New York City. A short train ride to Manhattan brought the greatest music in the world to his ears as a youngster, leaving an indelible mark on his teenage soul. He began drumming in 4th grade and received his first drumkit that same year from his dad, a former drummer himself. Matt played in various rock bands throughout high school, and soon after headed west to Boulder, CO. After a year of rocking Boulder's University party scene, Cadenelli lived briefly in Athens, GA. and soon landed in Eugene, Oregon. It was during this time where he began to play guitar as well as drums professionally.

Settling in Portland, Oregon in 1998, Marcus Ginther, bestowed upon Cadenelli the title of The Don of Division Street, because he lived and worked and hung out on this up-and-coming, soon-to-be hip street in Portland. Cadenelli became immersed in Portland's music scene as one of the most sought after drummers in the city, playing with notable acts Fernando, Dr. Theopolis, Celilo, Lewi Longmire Band, and Portland Country Underground. In 2007, founding member of The Decemberists, Ezra Holbrook and Cadenelli recorded the album Animals In Love, playing most of the instruments between them.The album was released in 2009 to great critical acclaim, and earned the Don of Division Street a place in the Portland music scene.

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Photo: Norm Eder


Photo:  Jenna Smith

Photo: Jenna Smith


Long Way Away
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