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Philville News: Spring 2023

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Friends & Family:

We here at Philville Records are happy to announce the addition of the incredibly talented, Kenny Hotopp to the Philville Records roster--and even more excited to announce the pre-sale of his limited 100 copy pressing of his debut solo EP, Truth Be Told. Hotopp's debut release on Philville Records, Truth Be Told, is a perfect encapsulation of his current approach to songwriting, highlighting stories and characters that feel like they were overheard between drinks and jukebox spins in a Midwestern roadhouse. The tracks deftly bounce from genres and influences that touch on bluegrass, to R&B, blues, and hints of psychedelic country--but retain a through-line consistency that links them all together as a collection of short stories or vignettes. This is a limited (100 only) release on 140 gram pressed vinyl. These will sell fast, so order one in advance, and make sure you snag a copy before they're gone! Enter "TruthBTold" as a coupon code at checkout to get $8 off (free Shipping & handling) when the record arrives. [Vinyl is expected to ship by July 10th] The streaming album will be arriving on all platforms on April 28th (as well as for downloading and purchasing via, but the pre-order of the limited pressing vinyl record runs until May 28th.

Remember, streaming pays diddly squat--so if you've got a few bucks, buy the album or download it from Philville Records!

...and I've mentioned before--Philville Records is a sole proprietorship. It doesn't get much more "Mom and Pop" shop than this, which means touring, gigging, and hard work go into fronting the expenses for projects like this.

I believe that if you put in the work and put out a quality product, your fans will support you by purchasing your album, or attending your shows. So thanks for factoring that into your decision to pick up any of the albums or downloads on the Philville Records website.


Welcome, Sugar on the Roof to the Philville Records roster!

Based out of Hibbing & Duluth, Minnesota, Sugar on the Roof blends traditional American roots music from the 1920's, 30's and 40's with their own signature sound. Recording this trio was an honor--their sound hearkens back to the early days of recorded music, and this lathe cut mono single is audio time-travel at its finest.

Featuring two tracks on a limited cutting of only 100 records (each record was individually cut in real time via vintage a 1947 record lathe) every 7" single is unique. This is truly a homespun project-- from the lathe cut vinyl by Audio Geography out of Providence, Road Island, to the silk screened dust jackets printed by Mutiny Studios out of Portland, Oregon.

Both songs on the single were mixed & recorded in period accurate mono at Sueño Royale studios in Eau Claire, WI. and feature Megan Orwig Reynolds wailing on the 1922 classic "Sister Kate" and the iconic 1957 Patsy Cline hit: "Walkin' After Midnight." Clancy Ward adds vocal harmonies & beautiful fiddle work to the tracks, while Jefferson Reynolds brings the unique touch of trombone to the trio.

This album is slated to be available for pre-sale by May 1st, and the records will be arriving by mid to late May. Check the Philville Website for updates (or keep your eyes open on social media for more information). This is a really unique project--our first ever lathe cut release with custom screen printing and dust jackets--every record you purchase is 100% unique!


Seth Michael Gamble

We here at Philville Records are thrilled to have the Eau Claire, WI. based roots music artist, Seth Michael Gamble, join our ever increasing roster of artists. Seth has been performing in the region for many years with multiple bluegrass, rock, and Americana projects, and his debut single on Philville Records is shaping up to be a real gem. The single is slated to be released out into the streaming wilds later this spring--you won't want to miss it. It's a character piece about a feller who's lifestyle is on the margins-- and the lyrics, arrangement, and vibe are a perfect fit for the subject matter (it features the Driftless Revelers as a back up band on the track). Check back to the Philville Records website for more info, and keep your eyes peeled on social media too!


Misisipi Mike and the Driftless Revelers:

The Tattoo Song!

Last, but hardly least, Misisipi Mike Wolf and the Driftless Revelers have teamed up for a single featuring Mike's soon to be iconic tune: the Tattoo Song. This is often the most requested tune at Driftless Revelers shows, and the fans have demanded a recording.'s almost "in the can"...Hah!

The song will be released digitally as both a single, and as a bonus track on the pending Driftless Revelers EP: Live at the Slowpoke Lounge. We might even do a limited lathe cut 7" run of the single on vinyl for the true aficionados--so stay tuned. You can expect the digital version to be released by summer, and the vinyl to arrive later this year.

The Driftless Revelers are hitting the road pretty hard this summer & fall, so check out our tour schedule and try to catch a show. We've been working on new tunes, endless jokes, and hot pickin'--and even hotter serapes.


Philville Co-Producer Fraulein Kitzenbauer

gaining sizeable following on social media

Our legendary Co-Producer, Fraulein Kitzenbauer, has been generating some heat on social media. She's been showing off her guitar playing skills on Instagram. She's already the most famous talent on the roster, but it's great to see her getting thousands of plays for her pickin'.

Check it out & shred that guitar Fraulein!


If you made it this far, and read all of this newsletter--hot damn! You must really like us AND have an attention span. Congrats. Not something too many folks have left these days.

Thanks for tuning in, keep it between the ditches, and we'll be sending you more news again later this summer.

Keep Grinnin'!

Matthew R. Sayles

Founder & Managerial Melomaniac

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