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Philville Fall Newsletter 2023: New Singles!

Friends & Family:

The song that so many fans of Misisipi Mike Wolf and the Driftless Revelers have been asking for--the Tattoo Song has finally arrived! (Special Jesus Shaves bonus B-side off the Driftless Revelers American Fork Standards).

Featuring two tracks on a limited cutting of only 25 clear vinyl records (each record was individually cut in real time via a vintage stereo record lathe)-- every 7" single is unique. This is truly a homespun project-- from the lathe cut vinyl by Audio Geography (Providence, Rhode Island), to the A side cover art logo designed by Duluth based songwriter & graphic design artist Misisipi Mike Wolf, to the B side cover art by Philville Records (printed and folded in Eau Claire, WI.)--this is a rare and collectible promo release you'll want to add to your collection.

Both songs on the single were mixed & recorded at Sueño Royale studios in Eau Claire, WI. and feature Misisipi Mike Wolf on vocals and lead guitar on the Tattoo Song with the Driftless Revelers backing him up on dobro, guitar, bass, and vocals.

We will be holding off on a streaming release of the track for a while, so if you want a collectible and rare 7" record of a bawdy tune to play at your next party, pick up this single!

Remember, streaming pays diddly squat--so if you've got a few bucks, buy the album or download it from Philville Records!

...and I've mentioned before--Philville Records is a sole proprietorship. It doesn't get much more "Mom and Pop" shop than this, which means touring, gigging, and hard work go into fronting the expenses for projects like this.

I believe that if you put in the work and put out a quality product, your fans will support you by purchasing your album, or attending your shows.   So thanks for factoring that into your decision to pick up any of the albums or downloads on the Philville Records website.

If you made it this far, and read all of this newsletter--hot damn! You must really like us AND have an attention span. Congrats. Not something too many folks have these days.

Thanks for tuning in, keep it between the ditches, and rest in power Fraulein Kitzenbauer.

Keep Grinnin'!

Matthew R. Sayles

Founder & Managerial Melomaniac

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