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Wyatt Thomson

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Voted Best New Artist in the Chippewa Valley 2023:


Wyatt Thomson possesses a voice that echos the soundscapes of the dance halls, supper clubs, and road houses that still litter the landscape of his home in the Chippewa Valley of Wisconsin.

Citing Tom Waits as his biggest influence, it's safe to say that Thomson (Like Waits) seems to have skipped right over decades of music that might have otherwise changed his sound for the worst.

One of Thomson's biggest appeals is that he sounds like an artist transported from the 1950's honky tonks of the Midwest, and dropped off into the second decade of the 21st century unscathed by the worst aspects of pop country, pop music, and an industry forever changed by technology. 


Not unlike a character from a Roger Miller song, Thomson has the bona fides of working pawn shops, odd jobs, and scraping by in the rust belt landscape of NW Wisconsin.  As a result, he's gained the street wise and cynical wisdom that is earned young from such a life.

The world may press onward with its insane pace, but Thomson ambles along with a casual confidence and story telling tales that feel like they're ripped from old paperbacks in a truck stop, or found in some lost postwar beatnik manuscript.


Photo:  Jenna Smith

Photo: Jenna Smith


Christmas Time

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