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NOW AVAILABLE! Philville Records 20th Anniversary Anthology Vol. 1, update on the Driftless Revelers

Philville Friends and Family:

Thrilled to report that the limited pressing (only 100 copies) of the Philville Records Anthology Volume 1 has been released!

[ Volume 2 will be released in 2023 and Volume 3 in 2024]

This has been a labor of love that was a therapeutic way of getting through the last few years--the album covers selections from the first self-titled 2002 release by Frostbitten Grass, the 2003 album No Shame, 2004's Acoustic Beef, and the 2006 EP, El Heno De La Muerte.

All of these records have been out of print for a decade or more, and this is the first time ANY of these songs have been made available on 150 Gram Vinyl. There's even a rare bootleg recording of Frostbitten Grass rehearsing the song that won us the State Country Music Showdown in 2002.

I spent close to a year working on the liner notes which detail the early days of the label and recording in the Midwest and Oregon (as well stories behind all the folks that helped make Philville Records happen), and the song notes include detailed stories behind the songs, info on how they were tracked, and some background info that has never been publicly released.

Every record has autographed liner notes (with a doodle from yours truly), as well as a sticker included. There's a supplemental slide show on the website too.

This is one to pick up if you're a fan of the music, but also if you're into collectible vinyl. 100 copies only makes this a very limited pressing.

...and I've mentioned before--Philville Records is a sole proprietorship. It doesn't get much more "Mom and Pop" shop than this, which means touring, gigging, and hard work go into fronting the expenses for projects like this.

Lots of other bands and projects have taken to crowd-funding for projects--raising the money from their fans in advance of delivering a product or album--but I've never done that. I believe that if you put in the work and put out a quality product, your fans will support you by purchasing your album, or attending your shows. So thanks for factoring that into your decision to pick up a copy of the Philville Records Anthology Vol. 1 !

The record is ONLY available on vinyl and only available online at Philville Records BUT if you're lucky enough to live in or visit Marquette, Michigan, the Philville Records Anthology Vol. 1 will be available to purchase back in the neighborhood where it all began--at Phil's 550!

Starting in late July 2022, the U.P.'s exclusive headquarters for all things Philville Records will be at Phil's 550. Follow Philville Records on Facebook and Instagram for more updates on that exciting new partnership.

...and an update on the debut Driftless Revelers album...titled American Fork Standards

American Fork Standards is being mixed and mastered and is set to be released in late August early September 2022! The band is VERY excited with this album--it captures so much of the weirdness and musical talents of the group, and as a teaser, if you come out and catch us at a live show between now and the release of the album, you can get a three song single on a USB drive strapped to a "pickle-poker" (see picture above). The tracks featured are Fishing Hole, Pretty Ass Day, and Appleseed.

I'll be sending out another update soon when American Fork Standards is officially released..and an exciting announcement about a major tour that the Driftless Revelers will be going on this November/December.

Thanks again for supporting Independent Artists and Labels, and as a great pal of mine always used to end his messages:

Keep Grinnin'!

Matthew R. Sayles

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