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"Happenstance" released off Special Edition Reflectere

"Happenstance" was written back in 2013 when it seemed like so many of my close friends were going through divorces and tough splits with people they'd been with for years. I recorded and released the first version with the Ventucky String Band in 2014 on an album with the same title, though I was never happy with the tempo of that version.

I decided to re-record the song for Reflectere with a slower tempo, and more guitar and dobro accompaniment. This version also features Rick Clemens on up-right bass, with the guitar and bass tracks being recorded in Ventura in 2019, and the dobro and vocals tracked in Eau Claire, WI. in 2020.

Thanks for listening/downloading! This Wednesday, May 6th, I'll be releasing the 10th song on Reflectere, "The Kentucky Waltz." More on that tune in a few days...

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