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Sugar on the Roof

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Based out of Hibbing & Duluth, Minnesota, Sugar on the Roof blends traditional American roots music from the 1920's, 30's and 40's with their own signature sound. This skilled trio hearkens back to the early days of recorded music, and their debut lathe cut mono single on Philville Records is audio time-travel at its finest.
Featuring two tracks on a limited cutting of only 100 records (each record was individually cut in real time via a vintage 1947 record lathe)-- every 7" single is unique. This is truly a homespun project-- from the lathe cut vinyl by Audio Geography out of Providence, Road Island, to the cover art logo designed by Duluth based songwriter & graphic design artist Misisipi Mike Wolf, to the silk screened dust jackets printed by Mutiny Studios out of Portland, Oregon.

Both songs on the single were mixed & recorded in period accurate mono at Sueño Royale studios in Eau Claire, WI. and feature Megan Orwig Reynolds wailing on the 1922 classic "Sister Kate" and the iconic 1957 Patsy Cline hit: "Walkin' After Midnight." Clancy Ward adds vocal harmonies & beautiful fiddle work to the tracks, while Jefferson Reynolds brings the unique touch of trombone to the trio.
The album is NOW AVAILABLE --This is a really unique project--our first ever lathe cut release with custom screen printing and dust jackets--every record you purchase is 100% unique!

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Sugar on the Roof
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