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Seth Michael Gamble

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We here at Philville Records are thrilled to have the Eau Claire, WI. based roots music artist, Seth Michael Gamble, join our ever increasing roster of artists.


Seth (or "Sethel" --his stage name) has been performing in the region for many years with multiple bluegrass, rock, and Americana projects, and his debut single on Philville Records is a natural progression of the sound he's been developing.


This debut single,  Old Man Skip,  is  a character piece about a fellow whose lifestyle is on the margins-- and the lyrics, arrangement, and vibe are a perfect fit for the subject matter (it features the Driftless Revelers as a back up band on the track). The track is reminiscent of the legendary Jeffrey Frederick and the Clamtones, with a great roots sound, but an irreverent wink to a counter culture that's both faded, and still relevant in the tumult of modern culture.



Photo:  Jenna Smith

Photo: Jenna Smith

Old Man Skip

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