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The debut album by the Driftless Revelers has arrived! American Fork Standards features the original songwriting and musicianship of Ben Nelson, Matthew R. Sayles, and Jerod Kaszynski on a wild ride through their take on American roots music and psychedelic folk.


All tracks were recorded from January to July of 2022 in real time at the Philville Records Studios in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and every instrument you hear on the album was played by the Driftless Revelers (with the exception of the percussion on "Meat Raffle Mambo"--that was begrudgingly performed by the digitized ghost of a Tito Puente impersonator from Hackensack).


If you're a fan of the Holy Modal Rounders, the Fugs, Dr. Hook and The Medicine Show, Michael Hurley, The Clamtones, Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, or Ween, you might find this album endearing. You might also learn how to teach your parakeet to talk if you pay close attention through the full album.


Reviving the era of psychedelic folk and exploring the oddest (and sometimes disconcerting) corners of 20th century American roots music ala 78 rpm collectors like Harry Smith and R. Crumb, American Fork Standards seeks to be a benchmark in 21st century oddities with one foot firmly planted in the last century, and the other mired in the trenches of the perpetually distracted and over-stimulated world in which we now reside.


Produced by: Matthew R. Sayles and the Driftless Revelers


Co-Produced by: Fraulein Kitzenbauer


Assistant to the Co-Producer: Basil Lajeunesse


Horn Arrangements by: Jerod Kaszynski (and produced by Matthew R. Sayles)


Ben Nelson: Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Tenor Saxophone, Piano


Matthew R. Sayles: Vocals, Guitar, Dobro, Tri-Cone Resonator, Lap Steel, Pedal Steel, Melodica, Harmonica, Spoons, Percussion, Kazoo, Trombone, Banjo, Mandolin


Jerod Kaszynski: Vocals, Up-Right Bass, Guitar, Piano, Organ, Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute.


Songs written By Ben Nelson: Square Wheel Blues, Ear Worm, Appleseed, Thoughts Of Yesterday (Co-Written with Sam Martinez), Dirty Scoundrel Blues.


Songs Written By Matthew R. Sayles: Fishing Hole, Meat Raffle Mambo (Spanish verse translation provided by Alex Vaeth), Get Naked Drink Beer, Wisconsin Saturday Nights, Jesus Shaves (Ben Nelson co-write on Lyrics to Jesus Shaves), Gophers in the Woodpile (co-written with Eric Paavo).


Songs Written By Jerod Kaszynski: Pretty Ass Day, I'd Do It For You (Lyrics on I'd Do It for You by Jerod Kasznski, Ben Nelson, and Matthew R. Sayles).


American Fork Standards

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