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West Coast Tour Cancelled, New Online Shop & Releases

The Reflectere West Coast Tour has been officially cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the Philville Records family of artists send you sincere love and solidarity in such uncertain times. The pandemic has upended all of our lives, and I know folks are reeling and adjusting to our new chaotic and uncertain future.

Philville Records is a sole proprietorship, and as such, I'm adjusting to the current situation with a mixture of trepidation and hope. The album that was supposed to be available only at shows on this tour is now being forced into an online release, along with all the other new gear and merchandise that would have otherwise been available at the performances.

Most people still tend to purchase music and merchandise at live shows. The cancellation of the tour and the near 30 shows is a challenge, especially when all future summer gigs are up in the air as well. It's hard enough to see the months and months of work for the album and tour be thrown to the wind, but it's equally challenging to now have all of the merchandise I hoped to sell at these shows sitting idle as well.

The struggles of a small business pale in comparison to the suffering and loss that other folks are coping with right now, and my heart breaks daily with the rising numbers of deceased and sick. Add to that the frightening disappearance of income for so many people that were barely getting by before the crisis, and it's easy to get lost in the darkness.

Artists have a role to play in these times as music can help ease the pain and fear, and help calm us in the chaos.

Keeping that in mind, Philville Records is adding new videos, previously unreleased tracks, and of course, the brand new album Reflectere for purchase or download. The downloadable single version of Reflectere is free, but allows you to "name your price" when you purchase. So please enjoy the new single, and I hope it brings along some solace and happiness. Donations for the single are appreciated, though not expected.

If you still have the means to support independent artists, the Philville Records Merchandise shop is now up and running, and there are several new items--like a Philville Records embroidered knit hat--as well as some discounted items, and limited release vinyl, posters, and CD's. Any purchases help offset the loss of income from cancelled shows--so thanks so much for any support.

Lastly, I'll be releasing the remaining individual tracks from Reflectere for download every Sunday and Wednesday through May 6th as well as telling the stories behind the songs, so if you'd like to listen and hear about the tracks, please follow either the Philville Records Facebook Page or the Philville Records Instagram accounts. You can also check back here for Philville Records News, where I'll also be posting the stories behind the songs as they're released.

Remember--you can purchase the FULL Reflectere album right now as a CD if you'd prefer not to wait for the full downloadable tracks--and I've even got a discounted combo of the new CD and brand-new Philville Records embroidered knit hat available, if you're looking to support independent artists, and appreciate a good deal.

Please be safe, and I look forward to seeing everyone on the other side of this.

With love and hope from all the artists here on Philville Records,

Matthew R. Sayles

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