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Maxwell Strozzi

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Officially out of the station & barreling down the tracks is the debut single, Steam Train, by Maxwell Strozzi!  Max is the former lead singer of the Seaside, Oregon pop-punk band, Hollywise, who now resides in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  A hard working father, comedian, powerful vocalist, excellent guitar player and bassist, Strozzi is not easy to pin down to a single genre -- and he never settles into a musical style for long. The track has a driving rhythm and Max's signature soaring vocals that are reminiscent of early 2000's west coast pop-punk scene, backed by the string band twang of the Driftless Revelers who lay down banjo, up-right bass, and dobro. The end result is a track that is reminiscent of the thriving upper midwest jam grass & pop folk scenes.



Steam Train

Recorded in January & February of 2024 at Sueño Royale' Studios in Eau Claire, WI., this album features Max's vocals and acoustic rhythm & fill guitar playing, with Ben Nelson on Banjo, Jerod Kaszynski on up-right bass, and Matthew R. Sayles on dobro. The album was produced by Maxwell Strozzi & Matthew R. Sayles, and mixed/mastered & engineered by Sayles and Basil Lajuenesse. Studio interns were Melquiades McClain and Persephone DelGato.

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